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About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of South Florida. My research focuses on behavioral biometric authentication and applications of ubiquitous sensing. Within the department, I lead the Cyber Identity and Behavior Research Lab (CIBER). My group uses applied machine learning and mixed method research design for exploring applications of low-cost sensors for cyber security and physical and mental well-being. Research related to cyber security includes continuous authentication for IoT systems, with a specific emphasis on smartphone technology. Research related to well-being are collaborative efforts, involving enhancement of mental health services by inferring emotional and social contexts from mobile sensors and measuring physical phenomena such as synchronization within human dyads.

I am currently developing a course "Mobile Biometrics" for undergraduate and graduate level students. The course was initially taught during Fall 2018. This course teaches the fundamentals of biometric recognition with an emphasis on mobile platforms. Discussed modalities include physical traits such as face and fingerprint, and behavioral traits such as touch gesture and gait. Students are introduced to the research literature, and expected to complete a project in which they build their own mobile biometric system and test their system using evaluative metrics such as receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and equal error rates (EER). I also teach Object-Oriented Programming during the Spring. This class is taught using the C++ programming language. Students are taught the fundamental components of OOP, such as inheritance, polymorphism, classes and structures, and abstraction. I use my concept of a "Flex Project" in this course, where students integrate OOP components into a project of their choice. The project is graded on creativity, effectiveness of implementing OOP, and proper error checking to encourage free thinking and personal attachment to the course's material. Click here for project examples from previous semesters.

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