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Current Version: 1.3 beta
Last update: February 2011


Atarraya is licensed for free use under the GNU license agreement. Therefore, all users must comply with its rules and regulations.

Remember! Atarraya is a free software, but you need to reference it when used in you public work.

In order to be able to notify you with the latest information about Atarraya, we encourage you to email Dr. Miguel A. Labrador at and/or Dr. Pedro Wightman at with the following information:

Atarraya's code is a Netbean 6.9.1 project folder, contained in a .rar or .zip file of less than 2MB. You will need Java 6. For linux users, the GUI style has been formatted based on Windows' design, but it can be changed on the Main class of the project; however, it will require some effort to format the GUI under the default scheme.


The following is a list of the latest versions of Atarraya and the list of bugs fixed and features added:

Atarraya 1.3 beta - Public version NEW!!

This version includes several new features:

Atarraya 1.2.3 - Public version

This version solves the following three bugs:

Atarraya - Public version

This version solves the following three bugs:

The following metrics have been added:

Atarraya 1.2.1 - Public version

Atarraya 1.2 - Public version Atarraya 1.2 Beta 6 Atarraya 1.2 Beta 5 and 5.1 Atarraya 1.2 Beta 4 Atarraya 1.2 Beta 3 - Public version Atarraya 1.1.4 Atarraya 1.1 - Public Version Atarraya 1.0.4 - Public Version Atarraya 1.0 - Public Version
Thanks for supporting this project!

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